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Plant Your Own SeedPods



Got seeds? This pack of SeedPods is still soilless and made with time-release plant food, but has no seeds. Drop 4 to 6 of your own seeds into each empty SeedPod, slip those into your SmallGarden, and watch them grow.

Includes 10 seedless SeedPods. 

When sourcing SeedPod-compatible seeds, look for:

1. Short plant varieties that mention growing less than 10 inches: They’re more compact and ideal for indoor gardening.

2. Seeds that require a medium level or direct level of light: SmallGarden doesn’t experience weather, meaning its light doesn’t move the way sunlight does. The seeds it feeds should prefer direct light.

3. Seeds that mention “greenhouse” or “container” growing: These are made for stable and controlled environments (like SmallGarden).

4. Bonus points for seeds that note they can be hydroponically grown: Our SeedPods use a hybrid growing method of hydroponic and specially created soil, and mildew-resistant seeds can help prevent diseases low air flow environments are prone to.