A beautiful & intelligent indoor garden.

A beautiful & intelligent indoor garden.

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We took the dirt, bugs, and stress out of gardening.

Nature meets design & technology.

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The SmallGarden 2 is much more than an indoor garden.
Bent wood and anodized aluminum complement every room. Now with WiFi and app control - learn more here.

Iconic design. Advanced engineering. Living art.

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A design that complements nature, and every room it lives in. Built from bent wood and anodized aluminum - We handcraft our gardens using the highest quality, responsibly sourced materials.

Zero-Effort Harvest

No need for a green thumb! Our technology takes complete care of your plants' health, so you don't need to. Our SeedPods are dirt-free, so there's no mess to clean up.

The SmallGarden’s automated LED lights provide your plants with the light spectrum your greens need to thrive while sensors determine your plants' ideal moisture level.

Built To Last

Manufactured from sustainably harvested wood from Oregon and extruded aluminum from Texas, the SmallGarden is built to the highest quality and design standards. Each unit is carefully handcrafted and assembled in Denver, Colorado.

The perfect gift for all.

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  • Workaholic: full automation takes the time and effort out of plant care.
  • Urban Dweller: an easy fit for any shelf, desk, or countertop.
  • Techie: where modern tech meets home gardening.
  • Nature Lover: indoor gardening, all year around.

In the Box

  • SmallGarden 2
  • 12V Power Adapter
  • Water reservoir, PodTray, and 10x SeedPod Cups
  • 10 SeedPods
  • Plant Food
  • 100 Starter Seeds (basil!)

Ever-Growing Market

We're always expanding and improving our market so you can find amazing products to go with your garden.

Community Support

You will have access to a resourceful and growing community of SmallGarden owners.

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I love to cook. And anyone who loves to cook will tell you fresh ingredients make a world of difference. The SmallGarden provides me with fresh ingredients that I grew in my own kitchen!

~ Amanda Roberts, Los Angeles

I bought one for my 12 year old niece and one for my dad. My dad uses it to grow his own fresh basil, and my niece just loves watching her wheatgrass thrive! Now she’s fascinated by gardening.

~ Eric Williams, Miami

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