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The SmallGarden can grow up to 10 SeedPods at one time.
Not at all - we designed the SmallGarden with advanced LEDs that use an enhanced light spectrum that is optimized for your plants' growth. No sunlight or extra lights required!
You can control your SmallGarden's lights (and so much more) using the ēdn app. Just log in, set your schedule, and the SmallGarden will do the rest. Need to change your schedule? You can always change the scheduled lighting times, dim the lights, or manually turn them on or off, right in the app.
As a general rule, you should water your plants when your SmallGarden’s water capacity reaches 0%. There are a few ways to find out what the water levels look like. If enabled, the ēdn app will send you a push notifications about your watering your plants. We’ll let you know when your garden’s water capacity is at 25% so you’re aware you’ll have to water it soon. We’ll notify you again when it’s at 0% and your plants need water. The light on the side of your SmallGarden will also begin to pulse when it’s water is depleted and your plants need more. You can also always check your SmallGarden’s water levels on the dashboard in the ēdn app.
Each plant variety requires different amounts of water, so depending on which plant you're growing, you can go anywhere from 1-3 weeks without watering!
The SmallGarden is a beautiful addition to any space, and can be placed on any level surface indoors. Some popular places are the kitchen counter (easy access to fresh herbs!), in the living room for soothing greenery, the office for living art, or the bathroom for fresh decoration.
Our app will easily help you set up your SmallGarden, fully control its lights, track your plants' water levels, monitor what you're growing, show you how harvest your plants, allow you to order new SeedPods, and much more! You can also share your SmallGarden's account with family and friends so they can enjoy it too!
Inspired by NASA technology, our SeedPods provide the best living environment for your plants. We created our SeedPods to ensure that there is always enough room for your plants to breathe and get the perfect amount of water and plant food.
Absolutely! Many of our customers enjoy using their SmallGarden to 'start' their seeds in a controlled environment, then transplant them to a pot or garden where they can continue to grow and thrive.
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