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Does the SmallGarden need any additional light?

No, the SmallGarden is completely self-sufficient and does not require any additional light.

How can I turn on/off my garden lights?

The SmallGarden lights are on an automatic timer to the exact times that you set up in your ēdn app. You can change these times or manually turn it on/off in your app.

How small is the SmallGarden?

The SmallGarden is 16 x 16 x 6.5 in and you can grow up to 10 plants at a time!

What is the SmallGarden made out of?

The SmallGarden is made out of handcrafted walnut wood and anodized aluminum.

How do I maintain the SmallGarden?

The SmallGarden should not need much maintenance as it consists of simple components. If you wish to clean the exterior of your garden, simply use a damp cloth. Avoid getting the LEDs wet. The interior parts of the SmallGarden are diswasher-proof and can be washed between planting periods.

Do I need to use the ēdn app?

You'll need the app to set up your SmallGarden. Beyond that, the app is optional - but we strongly encourage you use it to optimize your plants' health, track water intake, customize and control the garden's light cycle, and mark what you're growing. It's also fun to use! 

Where is the best place to store my ēdn indoor garden?

The SmallGarden can be stored almost anywhere indoors. The most popular places are: on the kitchen counter next to other common appliances, in the office to increase productivity, on the bathroom counter for fresh decoration, in the living room for live art, or in the bedroom for soothing greenery. 

What are the SmallGarden’s WiFi requirements?

The SmallGarden requires 2.4gHz which is the most common WiFi.

How do I know when my SmallGarden is low on water?

We’ll send you a text (or an email) when it’s time to add more water to your garden before it’s completely out. The light on the side of your SmallGarden will also begin to pulse so you’ll know even if you're without your mobile device.

How do I add water to my SmallGarden?

There is a very discrete opening on the side of your garden where you can add water.




What plants can I grow in the ēdn SmallGarden?

You can grow almost any type of flower, herb, or vegetable plant in our gardens. You can also grow starter seeds of any type for transplanting outdoors! 

How do plants grow with LEDs?

Our LEDs provide your plants with an enhanced light spectrum that is optimized for your plants' growth.

How do plants grow in the soil-less gardens?

Our awesome dirt-free 'soil' is inspired by NASA technology and provides an optimal living environment for plants. The 'soil' ensures that there's always enough room for your plants to breathe and to retrieve the right amount of water and plant food.

How often do I need to water the plants?

You'll only need to fill the water reservoir when you plant the seeds, and then around every 1-2 weeks. You'll know when to refill the water when the blue LED begins to blink, when the water level icon shows low water in the app, and if you're signed up for text notifications- when you get a text message to add water!

How long can I go without watering my plants?

Each plant variety requires different amounts of water, so depending on which plant you're growing, you can go anywhere from 1-3 weeks without watering! 

Can I overwater the plants?

Yes, it is possible to overwater plants in your SmallGarden. Please wait until your water level is low before you refill your garden, and don't add more than the recommended amount at a time. Overwatering happens when plants can't breath via the soil when it is submerged in water. When following recommended method, our gardens provide just enough water from below, minimizing the chance of overwatering your plants.

How much time does it take caring for my plants?

It should only take a few minutes each month to look after your plants. After planting your seeds, all you need to do is add water and plant food. And, of course, harvest your delicious edibles or beautiful flowers! We recommend that you periodically prune your garden to enjoy it's flavors and to promote growth.

How do I transplant my plants?

To transplant plants from your ēdn SmallGarden, simply take each individual SeedPod out of their SeedPod Cups and plant them directly into soil outdoors, or in a pot with fresh soil - no roots will be harmed in this process. 

Will you offer any new plants?

Yes! We are constantly experimenting with new plant varieties that grow well in our gardens. Each seed variety undergoes testing so we can ensure that your plants grow happy and healthy in your SmallGarden and we always release them once ready!

How long do plants take to sprout in the SmallGarden?

Our plants usually take anywhere from 5-10 days to fully sprout. 

Can I use my own dirt?

We do not recommend using any other soil other than our SeedPods as we cannot guarantee a successful growing experience. Our SeedPods are made up of the perfect balance of organic material with time-release plant food to promote germination and maintain happy plants in the SmallGarden. 


Can I use my own seeds?

Yes! You are more than welcome to experiment with your own seeds in our SeedPods. Although we sell high-quality germination guaranteed seeds, we also understand if you want to plant your own seeds and encourage you to ensure that your seeds grow well in containers, enjoy full sun, and grow under 10 inches. 




Is ēdn committed to sustainability?

Absolutely. We are a green, anti-waste company that builds products out of sustainable and recyclable material. Our seeds and SeedPods are completely compostable once used, and can be thrown directly in your compost bin or be transplanted outdoors.

Are the SeedPods compostable?

Yes! Once you’ve harvested your plants in your SmallGarden, you may safely remove your SeedPods from their cups and toss them into your compost bin or garden mulch.

Can I transfer my plants from my SmallGarden to a larger pot or outside?

Absolutely, if you have the space - all you need to do is take your plants out of their cups, and plant the entire SeedPod into new soil. Just make sure it is receiving enough water and light outside of the SmallGarden.

Are your seeds non-GMO?

Yes, at ēdn we believe in growing non-GMO seeds inside the home.

Are your seeds organic?

While only some of our seeds are organic, you can trust us to only provide you with the best organic seeds. We are on a mission to bring healthy food to peoples' homes, and we aim to serve our customer's values as much as possible.