Membership – ēdn

Our membership is a subscription service that renews based on the growth rate of your current plant. Join in 3 simple steps:

1. Browse through our selection of plants above and select ONE option.

2. Once you've completed purchase, your first shipment of Membership SeedPods will ship immediately. When your plants are near harvest, we'll send you an email to select the SeedPods that you'd like to receive in your next shipment.

3. From your account, you’ll be able to choose your next plant, skip a cycle, or pause your deliveries.
The frequency of Membership SeedPod shipments change with the growth rate associated with each plant. SeedPods replenish 5 days prior to a plant's growth rate to ensure you receive your new SeedPods just in time.

The growth rate associated with each plant can be found on its unique SeedPod webpage, in the ēdn app, and on each SeedPod package.
By joining the SeedPod membership, you'll receive automatic deliveries in sync with your plant’s growth rate. We recommend that you only purchase one SeedPod Membership unless you own multiple SmallGardens.
You can make adjustments to your membership by logging into your account on our site. From your account, you’ll be able to edit your next plant type, skip a cycle, pause your deliveries, or cancel your membership. You’ll also receive emails before each shipment to review or edit your current settings.