The ēdn story
An Interview with our Founder, Ryan Woltz: The Efficient Grower
Founder and CEO Ryan Woltz combined his engineering background and love of na...
8 WFH Wellness Tips
How to stay sane while working at home
A Symbiotic Relationship: Flowers & Bees
How flowers and bees benefit one another
Transplanting Seedlings Outside 
How to start your seedlings indoors and move them outdoors
The Indoor Farming Revolution
Urban farming: it's happening. All you need to know about AGtech
CES Takeover: Smart Home Garden Trends
The future of the Smart Home: Indoor Gardens, Cooking Bots, & more
The Importance of Trees
What these green giants do for us and why we should protect them
The Future of Growing Plants in Space 
Plants may be growing in space faster than you think...
Choosing Between Fresh and Dried Herbs
A guide full of tips and tricks for choosing between fresh and dried herbs
Creative Ways to Eat Flowers
16 creative ways to get your daily serving of edible flowers
Urban Gardening: How to Garden in the City 
It's a common misconception that if you live in the city, you can't have a ga...
11 Common Edible Flowers 
Edible flowers you may be growing or can easily gain access to
How To Hygge Your Home This Cozy Season
Ways to reset and embrace hygge at home this cozy season
Wall Gardens: The Growing Trend
The past, present, and future of Wall Gardens
Benefits of Growing an Indoor Herb Garden 
Why you should start growing indoor herbs
Biophilic Design: What it is and why it matters
How biophilic design is giving mother nature back to human nature.
6 Kitchen Scraps You Can Regrow in Water 
  We all have scraps of food that we throw away everyday. Some of these food ...
How Plants Improve Your Life
An indoor garden brings both the beauty and health benefits of nature into yo...
The History of Gardening: Victory Gardens Then and Now 
How gardening has proven to play a major role in our lives time and time again.
10 Best Herbs to Grow in Your Tea Garden
10 easy-to-grow herbs that make the perfect cup of herbal tea.
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