Plant Your Own – ēdn

You can grow herbs, flowers and lettuce in SmallGarden. Our SeedPods are soilless, pre-seeded and filled with time-release plant food. Choose from our current collection of plants, or pick our Plant Your Own SeedPods to use your own seeds.
Your package will arrive with one SmallGarden, a 12V power adapter, 10 Basil SeedPods for you to get started with, and a setup guide to walk you through connecting your SmallGarden to the ēdn app and planting your first SeedPods.
Nope, no sunlight required. SmallGarden was designed with a built-in LED light bar that will feed your seeds all the light they'll need to grow into happy and healthy plants.
Yes! You can grow up to 10 different plants at the same time, and our app will guide you through growing them all!
Yes you can, although we don't suggest it. We've optimized our seed selection and SeedPods to deliver great results. With 3rd-party seeds, it's hard to guarantee the plants will successfully grow.