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CES Takeover: Smart Home Garden Trends
CES Takeover: Smart Home Garden Trends

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CES, the biggest technology conference in the world, kicked off 2020 in Las Vegas with new and exciting tech emerging from all over the world. Both large and small companies alike use CES (The Consumer Electronics Show) as a platform to showcase their newest technology.

For ēdn's third year in attendance, we decided to take a cheeky approach by taking our "booth" mobile. We converted our SmallGardens to battery-powered gardens and mingled with amazing people throughout the many convention centers. By doing this we were able to showcase our smart gardening platform to our target audience: everyone. 

Not to our surprise, having glowing gardens on-the-go attracted everyone in attendance from press to tech-savvy giants like GE, Amazon, TCL, Google, LG, Samsung, and more.

(Founder & CEO, Ryan Woltz) 


Garden Market Trends:

We weren't the only ones tapping into this emerging indoor garden market; larger companies like GE and LG are beginning to envision more kitchen real estate dedicated to smart grow systems in the future.

Display kitchens conceptualized what the future of in-home gardening may look like one day: 

GE's Home Grown concept featured a mix of hydroponics, aeroponics and soil-based grow systems built into the kitchen design as a sustainable kitchen workflow. Talk about futuristic #kitchengoals... 

LG got creative with their modular refrigerator systems displaying wine and plants side-by-side... Fresh veggies and wine, what more could you ask for?


Smart Kitchen Tech:

While the appliance giants showed off their in-home garden systems, they didn't hold back on unveiling other smart kitchen technologies that left us all wanting robots in the kitchen.

Samsung unveiled the Bot Chef, an AI-powered, voice-activated extra set of robot hands that can easily be programmed to assist you in the kitchen. Tasks like "stirring" and "chopping" can be downloaded and customized, while location of sauces and spices on your counter can automatically be learned. One day your Bot Chef could make you a gourmet salad sourced directly from the veggies grown on your countertop.

Amazon demonstrated a fully Alexa-controlled home from the June oven to the iRobot lawn mower powered by the voice-activated bot. Maybe one day our very own will be included: "Alexa, when will my SmallGarden be ready for harvest? ".


The Smart Home Future

It's no surprise that homes are becoming smarter with new technologies like the Nest thermostat and Ring home security already becoming the norm. Soon enough the kitchen will be ran by voice-activated bots lending a helping set of hands whether that be preheating your oven remotely, waking up to your hot cup of joe, or instructing you on how to harvest the plentiful herbs in your SmallGarden.