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The Importance of Trees
The Importance of Trees

Forests cover almost ⅓ of all the land on Earth, providing habitats and benefits to nearly every living species on this Earth. Although we love these beautiful trees, humans contribute to the deforestation of millions of natural forests every year, damaging valuable ecosystems that help support us. While most of us are aware of our contribution to the demise of our beloved trees, many of us are also working on taking initiatives to help save and reforest these gentle giants that give us life.

So, here’s a few fresh reminders on why trees are so important and why we should protect them:


They Clean Our Air 

People breathe out carbon dioxide constantly; trees breathe in carbon dioxide to create oxygen. This cycle happens naturally, therefore trees and plants act as a natural air purifier that cleans the air all day. As most of us know, good air quality is imperative for a healthy life.

While indoor plants improve indoor air quality for us to breathe, trees do the same for the outside world. Trees also absorb air pollution and harmful CO2 emissions that come from our cars, city buses, factories, and businesses constantly. Where trees are present, they take in the pollution and filter the air in the area, allowing for better air quality in that region. While trees can carry out this process at a minimal level, the current populations cannot support the level of pollution that humans are increasingly contributing to. With the declining numbers of forests and increasing levels of CO2 emissions, the trees can only support so much without newer ones being planted.

They Fight Soil Erosion

Tree roots are extremely absorptive of water, meaning that when water has seeped down into soil during floods or heavy rain, trees give the water somewhere to go. This process prevents water from sitting on top of the soil, thus reducing soil erosion and property damage. Due to their resistance to natural disasters such as these, trees are often planted in areas of poor soil quality to provide support. 

They Are Natural Sound Barriers

Trees, and plants in general are the perfect sound barrier. Trees with thick, dense branches are the perfect kind of natural sound muffling that protect our ears from loud noises. Trees can often be found lining fences or brick walls to keep outside sounds at bay. On a larger scale, trees that line forests and surround cities also keep the sounds from traveling too far in either direction - keeping the forests quiet and the cities loud. 

They Cut Energy Usage & Costs

Trees provide savings in more ways than just one, especially when planted near buildings and residential areas. Trees provide shade in the hot summers that cool buildings from the exterior so that air conditioning doesn’t have to run as hard. This reduces a building’s energy usage, both saving them money and reducing their environmental footprint. In the winter, strategically-placed trees act as a great source of insulation for buildings, acting as a natural blanket that keeps the warm air in and the cold air out. While trees take longer to grow, installations such as living wall gardens are a quicker and more cost-efficient way to cut energy costs.


They Are Home To Wildlife Habitats

Nearly half of Earth's known species live in forests, including 80% of biodiversity on land. Trees are home to all sorts of animals and provide the perfect niche for them to thrive. In fact, one tree can be an entire ecosystem within itself. Birds for example, depend on trees to create a safe space for their nests where they can raise and nurture their young. They use twigs and leaves provided by the trees to skillfully weave nests on limbs where they’re protected from both predators and weather. Trees also provide a vantage point for birds to watch their environment, height to teach their young how to fly, and a great source for food in the form of seeds, fruits, nuts, tree nectar, and all the insects that also find a home in it. 


They Have Helped Us Live

It’s hard to say that we’d ever get to where we are today without trees. We’ve used this amazing renewable resource for everything from homes and furniture to paper and clothing. Buildings, railroads, doors, pencils, toilet paper, magazines, packaging, bridges, boats, and more would have never existed without them. 


They Are Resilient 

Trees have withstood natural disasters since the beginning of time. Forest fires, if its dead trees are left uncleared after being extinguished, provide homes for many nesting birds and the insects they feed on. Because a majority of dead trees fall to the ground, they allow for more sunlight to reach the forest floor, thus spurring a surge new growth for ground vegetation and newer trees. Unfortunately once forest services clear the land post-fire, they bring in heavy machinery for logging that crushes the new tree seedlings and decreases a forest's chance of rebirth.

Why We Should Protect Trees

In conclusion, trees are very important to our environment. They clean and filter our air by taking in the carbon dioxide we breathe out and create oxygen in exchange. They act as noise barriers with their thick branches that absorb sound. Trees cut down energy costs by providing shade in the hot summers and insulation in the cold winters. Trees are also an ecosystem within themselves. Each tree is home to different species of birds, animals, and insects and provides food, shelter, protection, and many other needs to all types of animals - including us.

Plant A Tree

With climate change on the rise, newer initiatives to reforest the world have been emerging. Non-profits like our partners at One Tree Planted have started programs that actively plant trees to match the amount of dollars donated to their foundation. With every $1 going towards one tree, we are able to give back to the gentle giants that have provided us with the essentials to live. ēdn prides itself on giving back to this amazing planet, as nature is at the root of our mission (pun intended). We are happy to say that for every order placed on our website,, we donate one tree. Learn more about us and how you can join us in reforesting the world!