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8 WFH Wellness Tips
8 WFH Wellness Tips

Working from home is by no means easy for those who are accustom to the typical routines of the 9-5 work week. As we tackle today's challenges together, we've gathered a few essential tips that we've found to be helpful in staying focused while navigating the sometimes rocky transition to working from home.


1. Keep A Routine

Try waking up at the same time everyday, giving yourself plenty of time to get ready for the day. It's extremely important to change out of your comfy loungewear to truly 'turn on' your work mode. While it may seem pointless, even brushing your hair or putting on makeup can help you feel composed and ready to face the day.

Take up new morning rituals in place of your previously dedicated commute time such as reading a book, journaling, practicing yoga, taking a virtual fitness class, making a homemade breakfast, perfecting your latte making skills, and even tending to your houseplants.


2. Dedicate A Working Space

Create a working space for yourself free of clutter and distractions. If you don't have a designated work desk, create one! Stack some books on your kitchen counter for a DIY standing desk, clear off the dining table for the day, use your dresser - get creative.

It's also important to focus on separating your work space from your downtime space. You'll find it harder to separate your work and home life if you're hopping from your bed to couch to table for the day and the work day may drag into your hours reserved for relaxing.


3. Decorate With Plants

Indoor plants have amazing benefits and properties such as improving indoor air quality, enhancing moods, reducing noise, and more. Growing plants nearby your work environment also helps to clear your head and boost productivity. Research shows that working near indoor plants can increase productivity by 15%. 

WFH setup courtesy of ēdn CEO & Founder, Ryan Woltz


4. Hold Yourself Accountable

Be clear about your work schedule and try to keep up working hours as you normally would. Make sure your meetings are on the calendar ahead of time and try to pencil in designated times for lunch breaks and walks outside. This will help to block out your day and ensure that you're working on what you've committed to do that day.  


Distractions are a huge challenge that people face when working from home. It's imperative to hold yourself accountable when no one is watching. Put down the remote. You wouldn't watch TV at the office, so try not to do so at home. You can catch up on Tiger King after work hours. It's crucial to make sure that you're free of any distractions that are in your control. Just because your boss isn't around doesn't mean it's OK to scroll through Instagram all day. Keep these activities reserved as something to look forward to at the end of your work day or on your planned breaks. 


5. Communicate

Stay in touch with those that you normally would during a day in the office. When it comes to interacting with co-workers, overcommunicating is key. Conversations can often time be taken a different way by the end receiver when working from home. Be sure to clearly communicate your asks, deliverables, and everything in between.

It's also important to reach out to loved ones that you haven't talked to in awhile. Reach out to a relative or friend to check in on them. Arrange Zoom happy hours with your friends and family for after hours!


6. Practice Self Care

Taking care of yourself is more important now more than ever. It's easy to become overly stressed and stuck in a rut when adjusting to working from home. Practice self care - Take micro breaks to stretch, meditate, or drink a cup of tea. Studies suggest that these types of breaks help to 'break up' the mentally draining tasks at hand which ultimately result in improved concentration.

Stay hydrated and eat healthy. Don't let excuses get in the way of your eating habits. Reach for snacks high in protein, fiber, and water to keep you fuller longer. Prepare your meals ahead of time when you can to avoid mindless snacking.


7. Take A Walk

Try to take a walk or a run outside when you can - studies show that getting fresh air and exposure to green space has significant mental and physiological health benefits. With spring in the air, you might even catch the trees in bloom.

 NYC blooms courtesy of ēdn Project Manger, Kim Reinhardt


8. Stay Positive!

Positivity is needed now more than ever, and it starts within. Empower those around you to be hopeful and focus on the silver linings in each and every day!