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Creative Ways to Eat Flowers
Creative Ways to Eat Flowers

If you've already read our post on 11 Common Edible Flowers, we're sure you've been left wanting to incorporate edible flowers into your everyday meal to make it that much more Instagrammable. Don't worry, we have you covered with creative ways to eat your flowers below:



Of course, the most obvious and easiest is to drop a few blooms on top of your salad to brighten it up.



You can sprinkle a few petals atop your tortillas right before you pop them in your tortilla press or roll them between two pieces of wax paper.



Make your can of soup look like it took you hours to prepare by topping your soup with a few blooms, petals, and fresh chopped herbs.


Pressed flowers can be gently added to your crepe as its sizzling away on the pan.



Brighten up your pasta dish with some sprigs of fresh basil and some mini blooms for a contrast in color.



If crepes aren't your thing, you can pile colorful blooms on your short stack.



Roasts always look that much more palatable with a gentle pop of color.



Fry the entire bloom! This is most popular with zucchini flowers, dandelions, and elderflowers.



Crackers and spreads could always use an enticing pop of color.


Açai Bowls



If you're taking the time to make homemade lollipops, you may as well add flowers to make them that much cuter. The color from the flower petals can also substitute for artificial food coloring!



A sure way to make sure everyone clears your bruschetta board.



You don't need to churn butter from scratch to make this beautiful display - simply add flower petals and fresh herbs to any softened butter and spread out on a board or put in the refrigerator to harden.



Sugar cookies don't have to be boring - add a full pressed blossom on top of your cookies prior to popping them in the oven.


Perhaps the most easiest but often the most forgotten, flower ice will turn any drink into a floral masterpiece. Just sprinkle your edible flowers into your ice tray and voila! 



Flower floaters are the an easy way to make any drink look fancy. Float them in your martini, champagne, lemonade, iced tea, or even your coffee if you're feeling frisky!


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